Sunday, 13 November 2016

Gossamer Magic – Raas Leela of Manipur (a Photoessay)

So while the Manipuris punch above their weight in the boxing rings – as in, Mary Kom and Dingko Singh - here they weave silky magic with their delicate and gracious moves. You have carried these images of dancers with their bamboo basket like skirts from the sepia days of Doordarshan. And then on a breathless smoggy day, the dancers step out before you in all their colourful glory.

You are attending the North East Festival for the second time in two years conducted in the heart of Lutyens Delhi at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). And then these women dressed in delicate veils step on the stage to display one of the most gracious dance performances that you have ever seen.

The dance takes the breath away – let the photos do the talking

Raas Leela from Manipur at North East Festival, IGNCA, New Delhi
Krishna with gopis at IGNCA New Delhi
In the tradition of Vaishnavism of Manipur Raas Leela is depicted within the classic Manipur dance

A detailed story on the dance will follow soon - until then feast on the photos!


  1. Hi Nirdesh,

    I accidentally tripped on your blog yesterday and have become your fan since. Beautifully written pieces ( in very good English, a great relief !), an eye for the unusual and odd, great photographs and most important, a wonderful sense of history make you unique. Keep up your tripping ways and gripping stories !

    1. Hi Raj,

      You have made my day! Thank you for the nicest words and all the appreciation. I am so glad that you had this tripping accident! India and its stories are beautiful and this is just a small attempt to keep a diary of my tripping experiences.

      Hope to see you here often as we travel in the past and sometimes in the present.

      Thanks once again for the appreciation I am not really sure if it is deserved.