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Tripping at the Movies - Vicky Donor

2012 seems like a reprise of 2007 when amazing movies like Johnny Gaddar, Manorama - Six Feet Under, Bheja Fry came out of nowhere with little known actors and directors in new offbeat genres.

With few months still to go in 2012, we have seen equally phenomenal movies being released – Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani and the mayhem saga of Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 and II.

But nothing could be more offbeat than the titular Vicky Donor who donates sperms so that needy couples can have kids. Of course, it is not something to snicker about as some recent newspaper articles have revealed the growing infertility endemic in the country. But this movie is not about fertility. It is about our prejudices, double standards and getting out of our comfort zones to accept new things.

Just like GOW, Vicky Donor has the perfect cast and perfect performances. 

There is the irrepressible Anu Kapoor as Dr Chaddha with mouth full of gol gappas, who runs a Fertility Clinic and Sperm Bank in Darya Ganj. Lately even as the couples have grown more demanding for the perfect sperms, his sperm bank is having a low hit ratio. He needs to find his Alexander or Aryaputra quickly or shut down his clinic.  

Kamlesh Gill as the Beeji (grand-mother), self anointed Head of the Family, a gadget freak lusting for a Sony 42 inches LCD TV, wants to wear Ritu Kumar’s suit in Vicky’s wedding and who has no qualms if her grandson marries a Bengali and who advises him to go for adoption.

Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia), the single mother who runs a beauty parlour in Lajpat Nagar, pining for her deceased husband, skirmishes with her mother-in-law all day and wants Vicky to start earning and marry a gori-chitti (fair) Punjabi girl.

Ayushman Khurana as Vicky could not have acted better or got a better debut. Looks and talks like a Panju from the refugee colony, who thinks he is destined for respectable job than to sell polka dot cloth in his uncle’s shop in Rajouri Garden.

Yami Gautam as Aashima Roy, the divorcee Bengali girl friend has the perfect face and diction. You want to fall in love with her. Makes you wish your bank had relationship managers like her. Of course, you don’t believe her lame story for the reason of her divorce.

Next-terrace Vicky’s ‘girlfriend’ with the blazing tongue with an admirer in Pitampura who has recently bought a car. You will have to rewind to understand the interactions between her and Vicky. Awesome ROFL stuff.

Jayanta Das as the refined Bengali Dad who is crestfallen when Vicky tells him the bengali colony CR Park is actually in Delhi and who when informed that his daughter is going to marry an itthe kitthe Panju sets off on a tirade on how Bengali men are better lovers than those money-minded business-class show-offs Panjus. His prospective son-in-law needs to pass the fish test.

Best Dialogue – Vicky to Beeji – Dilli mein sirf do cheez modern hain – ek metro aur ek aap (Delhi has two modern things – one is the metro and other is you)

Best Scenes
  • ·         Beeji and mother baring their soul over evening whisky drinks after a day of run-ins and skirmishes (Destined to be a cult scene)
  • ·         Beeji and mother dancing drunk in the baraat with the bride side Bengalis almost collapsing from the shock
  • ·         The entire wedding scene is a riot
  • ·         Palm reader looking incredulously at the number of child lines on Vicky’s hand
  • ·         Dr Chaddha poring over a map tracing Alexander’s route to India explaining why Vicky belongs to the same stock and therefore is the upjao (fertile) Aryaputra he was looking for.
  • ·         Beeji expressing her disappointment over getting an Apple iPhone with 16GB memory. She was expecting 32 GBs.
  • ·         Dolly missing her husband
  • ·         The interaction between Punjabi and Bengali families before the wedding and the argument if the wedding should be Punjabi or Bengali
  • ·         The limping friend asking for an intro with the girl working in Vicky’s mother’s parlour

Vicky Donor is directed by Shoojit Sircar who gave us the critically acclaimed and sublime Yahaan set in Kashmir. Just like Dibakar Banerjee who helmed Delhi based movies like Khosle ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, Shoojit, another Bengali has gone ahead and given us another quintessential Delhi film with real believable characters. He sensitively tackles the sperm donation subject and gives us a film that provides laughter without resorting to cheap dialogues or innuendos. The movie is never over the top, the dialogues keep coming at you at a furious pace (You might have to sometime rewind to catch the Punjabi humour). Every possible Punjabi and Bengali stereotype is brought out with dollops of humour that will leave you laughing and gasping for air. Dialogues kindle and the music rocks. All credit to Juhi Chaturvedi for the story, dialogues and screenplay for catching every little nuance of a Delhi Punjabi family.

A must watch for the ultimate movie experience with everything – great cast, great performances, crackling dialogues, emotions to leave a lump in the throat and great music.

As always, to support good movies, buy copyrighted content.

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